The Story That Never Was
In Universe Attributes
Anchor  ???
Admin  ???
Special Attributes Wiped form exsistence
Real World Information
"The Story That Never Was", aka the Lost Loop, is the title used to refer to the branch of Yggdrasil lost in 'The Crash'. What should have been a routine 'jumpstart' attempt to get the Megaverse looping instead resulted in the Anchor of this Loop being ripped apart at the metaphysical level and the entire branch being so thoroughly destroyed that it ceased to exist as even a concept.

This level of destruction affected everything about the Loop. The backups in the Hub were lost, meaning that it exists in no work of fiction we would recognize, any and all fused Loops involving this branch have retroactively never happened, and even the memories of the Admins were wiped clean regarding it. The only evidence that it ever existed is a thoroughly corrupted log file of the attempt in Yggdrasil's system.


The identity of the Anchor is a total mystery. Name, age, gender, race, and even what species they were in their home Loop is completely unknown. Even the impossible glitched memories that Rock, Roll, and Blues have of The Crash only recall this individual as 'a person-shaped hole'.


There is a ray of hope amidst this tragedy. A memorial service held by Rock, with the help of his family, in the Megaverse triggered a response from countless entities across the multiverse in a bizarre and inexplicable bout of metaphysical synchronicity. The implication is that, when destroyed, the data comprising this branch was in fact absorbed into and spread out among the rest of Yggdrasil. The remnants of the Loop have no conscious knowledge of what they were before their current existence, but they appear to still exist all the same.


Mega Loops 2.10 [1]