Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Universe Harry Potter
Status Looper
Special Abilities Magical Abilities

The aged headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore is one of the most powerful wizards in his branch of Yggdrasil, and a looper.


With his robed appearance and long beard, to call Albus a Merlin clone would not be that wrong. Albus is often found in the company of his Phoenix and a jar of candies. 


In the early days of the Harry Potter loops, Albus Dumbledore erased the memories that the titular character gained from having been sent to the past several times in a row, each time managing to make things end up much worse than they were the first time. Naturally, this was not appreciated, and Harry had a rocky relationship with the non-looping Dumbledore that was second only to his relationship with Severus Snape.

The elderly headmaster was finally knocked into looping status when the Crash occurred, and proceeded to be the very same manipulative old man that Harry thought he was without anybody noticing that he was looping. He repeatedly attempted to force events to go the way he believed they should, only for Harry and the others to continue to derail such attempts a they always had in the Loops.

The chain of mistakes finally came to an end during a fused loop with the Megaman universe, where Thomas Light adopted Harry. The inventor bypassed every attempt that Dumbledore made to take control of the situation, until he decided that it would be for the best that the two of them worked together. The alliance led way to many things that were not even conceivable in the Hogwarts baseline, including a machine that was capable of rendering Dementors harmless.

Several loops after this, Dumbledore finally decided to reveal the fact that he was looping to Harry, and he has been trying to rebuild his relationship with the Anchor ever since.


Magic: Albus' main talent from the baseline has been greatly enhanced since the loops began

Law: As a magical politician, Dumbledore does in fact understand the complicated magical law system.

Subspace Pocket: Like almost all loopers, Dumbledore has a subspace pocket

Relations Edit

Harry Potter: After having caused Harry as much trouble as he did in baseline and during his period as a non awake being, Dumbledore has begun to repair his relation with Harry Potter

Thomas Light: Dumbledore looks to Thomas as an inspiration, after a fused loop where the man did everything he could possibly do to make things better without so much as considering how much it would benefit himself or what sacrifices anyone other than himself would have to make to ensure such. The two have a good working relationship whenever they may loop into the same world.

Hogwarts Students: Being trapped in a loop has not altered Dumbledore's relation with his students. His eccentricities just merely seem the same. 

Dolores Umbridge: Like all known loopers, Dumbledore finds Umbridge to be repulsive. 

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