Black Star
Universe Soul Eater
Status Looper
Special Abilities Peak Physical Condition

Soul Wavelength Manipulation Indomitable will Determination The ability to annoy everyone

Extra Notes I AM BLACK☆STAR!
BlackStar is a Meister from the Soul Eater world, and a looper. 


BlackStar is a short, spiky haired teenager with blue hair and numerous star tatoos. 


The last of the brutal Star Clan, BlackStar was raised to be free of the violent murders of the innocent his family took part in. Their arrogance, however, was not lost. BlackStar aspires to be a glory hogging master assassin, and is one of the most powerful Meisters at Death Weapon Meister Academy with his natural combat abilities and his weapon partner Tsubaki. He encountered many loopers before he too began to loop, and this left a bad taste in many of their mouths. Now that he is looping, however, the taste may fade.....maybe. 


Physical combat: BlackStar is a heavily trained warrior, whose physical combat skills allow him to defeat many oppoents without using a weapon. He once took out Voldemort with one punch

Combination Attacks: BlackStar is a prodigy at using combinations of various looping powers, such as Soul Menace with Iron Fist or the Rokuogan. He was taught how to do this by Anakin.

Soul Menace: BlackStar is able to use his soul wavelength to cause physical damage. It can take out Neji Hyuga with one hit

Weapon Mastery: Due to Tsubaki's special talents, BlackStar can use a multitude of powerful weapons, among them Chain Scythes and Shuriken. Her most powerful mode, the Enchanted Sword, is a match for Simon's Spiral Drill form. 

Chakra: BlackStar's first loop was in the Naruto Verse, where he learned Chakra as Naruto's looping apprentice, and as a member of Team 7. 

Magic: BlackStar later looped into Harry Potter's loop, presumably learning magic. 

Iron Fist Technique: Black☆Star demonstrated a version of the enhanced fist technique practiced by the Marvel Hero during a confrontation with The War Doctor. He later displayed the ability to combine it with the Soul Menace.

Rokushiki: BlackStar is shown to be able to use the Rokuogan, the most powerful of the Six Powers fighting style. He can combine it with the Soul Menace.

Subspace Pocket: Black *Star, like all loopers, has a subspace pocket.


Maka Albarn: His loop's anchor, they are friends, but like many she finds him annoying. 

Tsubaki: His non looping weapon partner. Tsubaki and BlackStar work together, and Tsubaki acts of the voice of reason he occasionally listens too.

Naruto Uzumaki: The first looper BlackStar met as a looper himself, Naruto like many finds BlackStar annoying, but he did mentor BlackStar. 

Anakin Skywalker: Anakin mentored BlackStar in the ability to combine looping powers into fusion attacks, but still finds him somewhat aggravating, particularly when he picks fights with other loopers.  

Attack on Titan Trio: Having defeated Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, the relationship between them is rather strained.  

Other loopers; Many other loopers, such as Kamina, Gaara, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha and Harry Potter find BlackStar to be incredibly annoying.  

The Doctor: While The Doctor found Black☆Star annoying in their first meeting, it should be noted that The Doctor in question was The War Doctor, a far less eccentric version. It is unknown how a more 'normal' Doctor might take to him.