Cutie Mark Crusaders
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Universe My Little Pony
Purpose Shenanigans

A group created in the Equestrian baseline in order to assist three young fillies in gaining their Cutie Marks, the CMC has become a marginally larger group since the Loops have started, and have branched out to more than simply gaining Cutie Marks.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders is made up of six Looping members, as well as one who has yet to start Looping.

In some Loops, the group has consisted of other ponies. In one variant, the CMC consisted of foal versions of several antagonistic (or formerly antagonistic) figures from throughout the branch, including Discord, Queen Chrysalis, Trixie, and Sombra. Another was formed by a young Twilight Sparkle, and included her friends Flash Sentry and Fleur De Lis. These groups both existed for one Loop only.


What exactly the CMC does whenever they are Awake depends on what sort of situation they end up in, but there are things that they do in quiet Loops to make them more interesting.

Curiously, for reasons no-one seems adequately able to explain, near-all the team's attempts to gain Cutie Marks result in an abundance of destruction, chaos, and tree-sap. Particularly the tree sap.

Engineering CompetitionsEdit

Each member of the CMC must build whatever the subject of the competition happens to be, exploiting whatever loopholes they can find in the rules of said competition, before pitting their creations against that of the others to see who did the best job.

Relationship With Other GroupsEdit

Pink Lantern Corps: While the two groups have never been seen interacting directly, it is exceedingly likely that both groups get along rather well, since they have both been founded and maintained by at least one Equestrian Looper.