There are literally hundreds of characters in the Loops, and more are joining as new universes are added and established universes expand.

Character OutlinesEdit

On a given characters page, you will find information about their history, abilities, and relationships.


Due to the nature of the Loops, characters will be naturally stronger than in canon. To balance that, we try and establish some limits, as well as provide things that would actually challenge them in some way. Don't go all gung-ho on making a character overpowered.

Also, due to development through the Loops, characters may end up being very different than their canon counterparts. This is natural, as people grow and change, even as we try and keep them somewhat close to their roots.

Making a New PageEdit

When making a new character page, first check that there isn't already a page for that character. Second, when naming the page, include the character name, and, if necessary, the character's universe in parenthesis. For example, Joe Smith (Neutralverse). If there are multiple characters with the same name in a given universe, include some other identifier in the parenthesis, separated with a comma. For example, Jane Doe (Blankland, Time Traveler).

Also, when editing the page, on the right hand side under the Templates tab, there is a button to "Add other templates". In the pop-up, search for Infobox Character, and that will bring up a simple infobox that can be included on the left hand side of the page, showing the characters name, universe, status, etc. You will also be able to include a picture there if so desired, but that is not required.

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