006Charizard AG anime
006Charizard AG anime
Universe Pokémon Anime
Status Looper
Special Abilities Fire attacks


Mega Evolution

Charizard is Ash's first Pokémon, besides the resident Anchor, to start Looping. The Loops have not yet dulled his love of battle, nor have they stopped Charizard from using Flamethrower point-blank on Ash.


Charizard lives for a good fight. It doesn't matter if his opponent is a legendary or a newborn Caterpie, as long as they give it their all he will be satisfied. He is also extremely loyal to his Ash, the core part of Ash's being that makes him care for all his Pokémon past even the limits of sanity.

Abilities Edit

  • Fire-type attacks: Charizard is a powerful Fire-type Pokemon, with a large arsenal of attacks, ranging from Flamethrower to Blast Burn.
  • Mega Evolutions: Charizard's Mega forms greatly boost his power and one, Mega Charizard X, makes him a Fire/Dragon-type.
    • Some time during the Loops he learned how to harness the power of both Carizardite X&Y at once, taking on a new form with a different typing (Dragon/Flying) and ability (Blazing Drought: Sets weather to sunny, increases attack power of Fire Moves and Dragon Moves.)
  • Dragon-type attacks: Charizard is able to use dragon type techniques such as Dragon Claw.
  • Electric-type attacks: during a variant loop as a member of the Dratini line, Charizard learned to use electric attacks.
  • Ice-type attacks: during a variant loop as a member of the Dratini line, Charizard learned to use ice attacks.
  • Subspace Pocket: Charizard can carry items between Loops, such as his Mega Stones.

Relationships with Other LoopersEdit

  • Ash: Charizard has a standing agreement with his trainer, as long as Ash remains true to himself Charizard will listen to him. Charizard will check this with full-powered Flamethrowers to the face.
  • Pikachu: Charizard has a friendly rivalry with his local Anchor. He respects Pikachu's power and knowledge, though he isn't afraid to hit the Electric Type in the Ego. This is mutual.
  • Infernape: Charizard and Infernape are relatively close, sharing similar histories with one another. During one of his early Loops, Charizard took Infernape, then a Chimchar, under his wing. Events of that Loop caused Infernape to begin Looping.
  • Dio Brando: During an early Fused Loop, Dio's actions firmly cemented him in Charizard's "Kill on Sight" List.
  • Alphonse Elric : During a loop fused with the FMA verse, Charizard battled Alphones, then a Golett, during the Lily of the Valley Conference. The results of the battle were not shown,but Alphonse seemed to have gained Charizard's respect. 
  • Eneru: Charizard had ignored advice from the Straw Hat Pirates, and as a result suffered a defeat by the powerful god of Skypeia. He later learned from his mistake and challenged him again, more prepared this time. 
  • Other Ash Pokemon: Charizard gets along well with them, though he admits he could use more socializing with the Kalos mons.