One of the Loopers for the Rescue Team portion of Mystery Dungeon, Charmander is Squirtle's partner in their adventures. Charmander is often the more soft-spoken of the two, which means that he gets dragged along by his friend in whatever scheme the latter has come up with.

Loop PowersEdit

  • Genius Level Intellect: While he might occasionally allow peer pressure or his own curiosity to overrule his common sense, Charmander has an IQ of over 999.
    • IQ Skills: Charmander can utilize any IQ skill available to Rescue Team members, allowing him to explore any Mystery Dungeon regardless of the terrain.
    • Blast Burn
    • Subspace Pocket: As he is a looper, he has this staple technique.

Relationships with Other LoopersEdit

  • Squirtle (Mystery Dungeon): Charmander is Squirtle's partner through thick and thin. As Squirtle is the more excitable and outgoing of the two he is often the one who formulates the ideas for what they will do, somehow dragging Charmander into it.
  • Chickorita (Mystery Dungeon): Chickorita Loops less frequently than her teammates, but they still treat her with the utmost respect. Often she has to reign Squirtle in when his ideas have or would make one too many unintended consequences.
  • Pikachu & Ash: As these two first explained the Loops to Charmander and Squirtle, Charmander thinks highly of them. Though the fact that he's seen Pikachu annihilate large structures in one shot has also given him a healthy fear of making the small Pokémon mad.