Dreaming is a rare and little-understood condition in the Loops. At its core, it's the ability for an individual to naturally access memories from Loops they existed in, but were not Awake for. Some Dreamers are also loopers, which serves to complicate defining the condition, but being Awake, much less looping in the first place, is not a requirement for Dreaming. In most Loops it shows up in, it tends to be the result of a (rather stable) system bug.

Dreaming only applies to memories as well. The ability to retain skills, powers, physical training, or even keep items between Loops in a subspace pocket is not granted by this condition.

Dreaming can manifest in varying levels of 'lucidity', for lack of a better term. At the lowest levels, it's practically indistinguishable from a sense of deja-vu or a brilliant idea (such as ine regarding something the individual wouldn't normally do until much later in the Loop). At the highest levels, a Dreamer only differs from a normal looper by their inability to retain anything physical.

Known DreamersEdit

The Norn's Service Loop:



Attack On Titan:

  • Ymir (Variable Lucidity)
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