Innortal was the Fanfiction Author who first brought the idea of the Infinite Loops to the greater community. However, due to the fact that the content of many of Innortal's Loops are Not Safe For Work, Small Children, or plain General Public Reading and the fact that sometimes Innortal would break the rules of a Loop for a quick gag, these Loops and any Loops in the same style (Known as Innortal Style Loops) are deemed as Canon Questionable.

Innortal LoopsEdit

Innortal originally wrote the Time Loops as quick gags in multiple Omake Files, which are still available at the time of writing this on Innortal's FanFiction account.

Innortal introduced the concept of Loops and Anchors, as well as introducing us to the Original Seven.

Innortal Style LoopsEdit

Loop compilations with high Not Safe For Work material, specifically if that material becomes a core part of one or more recurring characters, such as what happened to Sakura Haruno, are declared as Innortal Style and are treated as Canon Questionable. Ideas considered Safe for Work may be taken from these Loops, however the deeper the idea is tied to Not Safe For Work Content the less likely the idea is to be accepted.