Jaden Yuki/ Judai Yuuki
Jaden Yuki
Universe Yu-Gi-Oh (GX)
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Dueling Skills

Incredible Luck Duel Spirit Sight

 Jaden Yuki is a Slifer Red Student from Duel Academy and the anchor of the GX branch of Yu-Gi-Oh.


Jaden is a brown haired teenage male (with spiky hair as is customary of duelist anchors) generally seen in a red jacket and black undershirt.


Jaden attended Duel Academy for three years, and over the course of those three years Jaden fought and defeated a wide range of world endangering enemies, from the Shadow Riders to the Society of Light. However, these battles eventually took a toll on him, and it wasn't until a duel with his idol Yugi that Jaden regained his love for dueling. Good thing too, considering he began looping at some point after that.


Dueling Skills: Jaden is a dueling genius, able to duel with incredible prowess. Jaden generally focuses on Fusion Summons with his Elemental Hero and Neo Spacian monsters. He's also been mentioned to work well with the Gem-Knight series of monsters. 

Luck: Jaden is incredibly lucky, able to draw the Golden Eggwich week after week. 

Duel Spirit Awareness: From a young age, Jaden has been able to see and interact with duel spirits. He is the only anchor to have this ability from a young age. 

Duel Spirit Manifestation: After fusing with Yubel, Jaden gained the ability to manifest spirits in the real world to cause real effects as he wills it. 

The Gentle Darkness: Jaden possesses the Gentle Darkness, a power able to counteract the threat of the Light of Destruction. This is connected to his duel spirit powers.

Subspace Pocket: Like all loopers, Jaden has one of these. 


Other Yu-Gi-Oh anchors: Jaden is close to Yugi, Yusei and Yuma, working with them often. However, Jaden does get on their nerves at times due to his idiocy, his attempt to fuse their ace monsters being a prime example of this (Which resulting in the four being stuck in the Attack on Titan loop for the first time)

Other Yu-Gi-Oh loopers: Jaden gets along, and sometimes annoys, them just like his fellow anchors. 

Paradox: Like the other Yu-Gi-Oh loopers, Jaden opposes Paradox.