James Eugene "Jim" Raynor is the Anchor of the Starcraft loops.

Jim Raynor
Jim Raynor
As seen in Starcraft 2
Universe Starcraft
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Leadership


James Raynor is a Human male, Known as a Terran in his home loop, He stand an estimated 6' even, had Black hair and Brown eyes. When not in his personalized Marine armor, Jim can usually be found dressed in a style best call Space cowboy, Blue jeans, white shirt, leather vest, Heavey boots, and a gunslingers Belt.


James Eugene "Jim" Raynor is a former terran marshal turned rebel, who has became one of the major figures in the his home sector through his work to bring down the Terran Confederacy and, later, in the struggle against the Confederacy's successor, the Dominion. Raynor is one of the few terrans to engage in a long-term alliance with the alien race known as the protoss.


Tactical AbilitiesEdit

- Raynor developed good leadership and excellent tactical acumen through practical experience; a lack of formal training allowed him to avoid the preconceived notions of "accepted" knowledge. Rather than plan in depth, Raynor is an excellent improviser able to achieve victory by using what is on hand.

- His Knowledge of both the Protoss and the Zerg exceeds that of proclaimed experts.

- He is competent in most, if not all Ground Vehicles, and is an able pilot.

Looper Abilities

None recorded.

  • May loop in as an Infested/Primal Terran, referred to as the "Lord of Spines."
  • Recent development suggests that the Zerg Hivemind now fails to recognize him as a threat.



Matt Horner: Jim's Second-in-command, and the Captian of Jim's Flagship, The Hyperion. One of Jim's Best friends, Matt has stood by Jim side through the worst and has never lost faith in him.

Sarah Kerrigan: To say that Jim relationship with Sarah is complicated is the sort of understatement that just used in a sarcastic joke.

Handsome Jack: A looper from the Borderlands Loops, Jim is probable the closest thing Jack has to a true friend. Atfer Looping in as a Hyperion corp employee, they became CO-workers and firends, this friendship was proven when Jim defended Jack from an attack by Lillith, the Borderlands Anchor, Not the Jim knew that at the time. As a result of this event, when the Loop ended, Handsome Jack begain looping,

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