Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan joestar
Universe Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Ripple

Unidentified Stand

Extra Notes He is one of eight Anchors for the JoJoverse
Jonathan Joestar is one of the eight anchors of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure branch of Yggdrasil. He Loops within the events of Part 1: Phantom Blood, continuously getting into conflict with Dio Brando despite his wishes to prevent the tragedies of their battles.

Early Looper ActivityEdit

Before the nature of the Loops were explained to him by Naruto Uzumaki, Jonathan would continuously attempt to make peace with Dio only to continuously fail. And no matter what he did, fate seemed to prevent Jonathan from saving his father from death by Dio's hands and stop Dio from putting on the Stone Mask.

After the meeting with Naruto, Jonathan developed a slight prankster mentality by preventing Dio from humiliating him, but has kept much of his original personality and honor despite many Loops. He also feels much pity for there being other Loopers being forced to repeat their lives over and over again like him. Not to mention Jonathan vowing to continue opposing Dio and prevent people from dying at his hands, despite Jonathan knowing that nothing would change the next Loop.

Jonathan later found himself with uneasy relations with most loopers, among them the Original 7 and Anakin. He would have amicable relationships with Batman and Lelouch and would later come to see the Attack on Titan loopers as potential threats.


So far, Jonathan has enhanced and perfected his Ripple Techniques to degrees only performed by the Ripple Master Tonpetty.

  • Unidentified Stand: During the Great Battle of Pelennor, Jonathan has gained a Stand similar to both Hermit Purple and Stone Free. Dio hypothesizes this is due to him possessing Jonathan's body, much like how Dio's presence awakened the Joestar Family's Stands during Stardust Crusaders.

Relationships with other LoopersEdit

  • Original 7 Anchor Loopers: At first, Jonathan was grateful for Naruto showing him how to prank Dio. However over time he began to think of the Original 7 Loopers as perversions of heroes, and considers their actions like treating their non-Looping friends like amusing side-attractions as 'low'.
  • Erina Joestar-Pendolton: As per canon, Erina is the love of Jonathan's life and Jonathan is willing to risk anything to keep her happy in every Loop.
  • Robert Edward O. Speedwagon: Jonathan still sees Speedwagon as a dear friend and comrade, although Jonathan does grudgingly admit that without training he is a bit useless against Zombies and Vampires. 
  • Dio Brando: Jonathan considers his adopted brother his responsibility, and thus will do anything to make sure Dio's actions do not harm others. Although Jonathan is willing to prank Dio if he tries to humiliate him.
  • Anakin Skywalker: Jonathan is shown to have a dislike for the elder Skywalker as in the case of most Joestars. 
  • Batman: Jonathan and Bruce Wayne are friendly towards one another and have begun cooperating in plans in the case of the Original Seven going out of control. 


Jonathan's Introduction Loop [1]

Jonathan in The Great Battle of Pelennor [2]

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