Or The Awakening of Nyx


Immediately upon Awakening, Rainbow Dash, along with the other Elements of Harmony, feel a massive burst of grief and desolation. Almost immediately, all five determine the source: Twilight Sparkle. After some time Twilight spends sobbing disconsolately, the mare explains the cause. In her previous Loop, Twilight had assumed everything was a baseline run, and had therefore left events to play out as they would. However, a cult of Nightmare Moon worshippers she hadn't accounted for abducted her, and performed a dark ritual. The end result was a small filly, whom Twilight had adopted and named Nyx. As is the norm with the children of Loopers, she obviously vanished when the Loop reset, never to be seen again. With her explanation over, Twilight quietly informs her friends that she doesn't feel up to fighting Nightmare Moon. Rarity takes the Element of Magic. Silently, the five mares wait for their foes' customary arrival.

When the dark alicorn does arrive, however, the Elements of Harmony mysteriously refuse to work. Fortunately, Moon is blindsided mid-rant by an understandably confused Princess Luna. Almost immediately thereafter, in a flash of light, Nightmare Moon shrinks to the size of a filly. Rainbow Dash quickly fetches Twilight, who on seeing the foal recognizes her immediately as her Nyx. Mother and daughter share a tender reunion.

Some time later, when Nyx has been filled in, Nyx realizes that due to her nature as Nightmare Moon, she likely won't appear very often, but she asks that the next time she appears, she and Twilight prank Princess Celestia.

Awake LoopersEdit


  • The Loop Twilight awakens from is a version of the famous fanfic "Past Sins", in which Nyx is the main character. Twilight explains the discrepancy between that fiction's version of the cult of Nightmare Moon and most other versions as simply being a variant gone horribly wrong.
  • This snip marked the introduction of Nyx to the Infinite Loops, by way of a Loophole allowing her to bypass the usual rule preventing other Loopers from having children.