Maka Albarn
Universe Soul Eater
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Weapon Skills

Weapon Transformation Soul Resonance

Maka Albarn is the anchor of the Soul Eater loops. 


Maka Albarn is a 13 year old Half Japanese, Half American girl with green eyes and pale hair. 


Aspiring to be the youngest creator of a Death Scythe, a weapon to be made greater than that of her father, Maka fought against the forces of evil as a meister of the D.W.M.A's EAT class. However, after achieving her dreams, she found herself looping.


Weapon Wielding SKills: Maka is a member of the Looping Swordsman club, being proficient in the use of several weapons, mainly with Scythes. 

Weapon Transformation: After spending several loops as a weapon, Maka is able to transform into a weapon herself. She turns into a scythe

Subspace Pocket: Like all loopers, Maka has a subspace pocket for trans loop storage. Maka stores at least two copies of Kronos's scythe in her subspace pocket. 

Temporal Manipulation: After obtaining copies of Kronos's Scythe, Maka is able to alter the flow rate of time around her. 


Soul Eater Evans: Maka gets along with her weapon, Soul, quite well. Soul was the first person in her world to begin looping, supporting this theory

Black*Starwhile a friend of Black*Star, like many she sees him as annoying. 

Haseo: During a fused loop with .Hack, Maka was the weapon of Haseo. She and him did not get along that well

Gyro Zepelli: Like many loopers, Maka dislikes Gyro for sleeping with her non looping mother at one point.

Percy Jackson: She befriended Percy during a fused loop as a daughter of Athena.