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Mass Effect
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Commander Shepard
Admin Athena, formerly Ares
Special Attributes unknown
Real World Information
Primary Author Detective Ethan Redfield

The Mass Effect Loops are Loops focusing on the setting of the Mass Effect franchise.


The Mass Effect universe is typically large, and astoundingly diverse. Typical range usually consists of the Milky Way Galaxy, an incredibly diverse place, filled with a great many species, the most major of which include humans, asari, turians, salarians, and krogans. These species are largely biological, though a great many of them tend to have technological enhancements.

Another key part of these Loops are the force known as the Reapers, a pseudo-species of cybernetic entities who routinely scour all sufficiently advanced organic life from the galaxy, due to their poorly defined programming. The Loops typically coincide with their return to the galaxy at large.

Leading the charge against these monstrous entities is the Loop's Anchor, Commander Shepard, the first human Spectre, a specialized form of law enforcement agency allowed to act outside the law. Mankind being a recent entrant to the galactic community means Shepard faces a great deal of political pressure in the course of their duties, even without the shadow of the Reapers.

The Mass Effect Loop tends to have very little cast-iron facts between baseline, details frequently shifting from Loop to Loop, though basic facts tend to remain broadly similar.

With all this in mind, and the shear wealth of variety and experience available in these Loops, it's certainly difficult to be bored with them.


Shepard is the Anchor. Due to their charismatic approach, several of the crew of Shepard's ship, the Normandy, are Loopers.

Due to the poorly thought-out actions of the Branch's former Admin Ares, the entity known as Sovereign is also a Looper. Given the entity began as hostile toward Shepard, and organic life in general, this presented something of a problem, though apparently accommodations have been made.

Important events[]

  • Activation
  • Sovereign begins Looping


  • Sovereign being identified as a Looper happened before the Mass Effect series had a dedicated thread, and along with the Reaper's out of character behavior resulted in the thread starter having to devise an explanation as to how this happened.