Naruto Timeskip

The big one finds the little one annoying.

A Mini-Me Loop is a rare phenomenon where a looper Awakens in a Loop where an Unawake version of them also exists.


The Mini-Me Loops can be traced back to the earliest Loops, where the original seven were usually frustrated by the stark differences apparent in their Unawake counterparts. It seems to be a phenomenon that every looper encounters at least once.


The Mini-Me Loops are one of the few times where a looper will not gain Loop Memories, such things instead being possessed by their Unawake counterparts.

Many loopers, especially those of great experience, will find themselves frustrated by their less experienced selves, particularly in regards to continual hounding for skills and/or knowledge gained from their many lifetimes of learning.


One known variation of the Mini-Me Loop has the looper manifesting as a 'voice' in the mind of their Unawake counterpart (who is in control of the body). So far the only documented instance of this has happened to Twilight Sparkle.