My Little Pony
In Universe Attributes
Anchor Twilight Sparkle
Admin Slephnir
Special Attributes Sanctuary Loop
Real World Information
Primary Author Saphroneth
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My Little Pony Loops were started by Saphroneth.


Main article: MLP Loopers

Twilight Sparkle acts as the Anchor to the MLP Loops. Most other major cast members have begun Looping, along with several significant background characters.

MLP also has one of the few OC Loopers: Nyx, based off the fanfiction Past Sins.

Baseline LoopEdit

The My Little Pony baseline is a standard run-through of the show up to the latest episode.

Loop HistoryEdit

The My Little Pony Loop started Looping with Twilight Sparkle. She was later joined by the Mane Six.

List of major events in the MLP Loops:

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