Dick Grayson/ Nightwing
Universe DC_(Universe)
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Peak Human Conditioning
Extra Notes Also goes by Robin and Batman
Richard "Dick" Grayson, known at various points in his life as Robin, Nightwing and Batman, is a super hero from the DC universe and its Anchor.


Dick's costumes vary by his chosen mantle. 

When Robin, he dresses in red, green and yellow. He is generally at his youngest in this state. He tends to wear green boots, gloves and underpants, with the shirt of his outfit being bright red, with a yellow cape.
Dick Grayson's looks

As Nightwing, he dresses in a black body suit with a large blue bird emblem on it. This is his middle stage. There are recorded variants where the blue of this costume is replaced with red.

As Batman, he dressed in the famous black cowl, though he is noticeably thinner than his mentor.


After being orphaned due to the actions of criminals, he was taken in by Bruce Wayne, who he later discovered to be the famous Batman. Begging to aide him with his families acrobatics, Batman did so, wishing to prevent him from going down the same path he did. And so he became Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Over time, and owing to distance between himself and his mentor Robin struck out on his own, becoming Nightwing, inspired by a tale told by Superman.

At a much later point, he became Batman himself when the original was lost in time and space following a crisis. 

Then the loops began. As it transpires, Nightwing was not the Admin's first choice for Anchor, that duty instead having first been given to Superman, followed by Wonder Woman. Nightwing was chosen as a last resort by Morpheus, on the grounds of being emotionally stable enough, along with never having died in his Baseline.


Peak Human Conditioning: As a heir to Batman, his physical abilities are at the peak of human potential. He specialized in acrobatic maneuvers, having trained in this area since he was a child. 

Subspace Pocket: Like all loopers, Nightwing has a subspace pocket. It is said to be smaller than average, due to his lack of super powers. 


Looper and Non Loopers of DC Comics: They say that Nightwing is the soul of the DC heroes, due to how much the Boy Wonder has affected the original generation, and inspired those to come. There is a reason he is the anchor. Among the female Loopers, Dick has had relations with several, all of whom still remain on a friendly basis with him.

Starfire: Dick and the Tamaran princess had a relationship during Dick's baseline. It is unknown whether they continued their relationship in the Loops, however.

Batman: Bruce Wayne adopted Dick following the death of his parents. They generally have a familial relationship, though they do argue on occasion, not helped by Richard's more relaxed and social attitudes toward others.