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Primary Author OathToOblivion
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As a whole, the Pokémon Loops were started by OathToOblivion. This Loop is one of the three Pokémon Loops, the other two being the Pokémon Anime and the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Linked Loops.

The main Pokémon games are considered to be a variant of this Loop.


Red is the first Looper and Anchor. Black, Gold, Sapphire, Saur, Poli, Pika, Vee and Yellow are known to be Looping, though it is possible that there are other Loopers unaccounted for, especially main characters who have not yet appeared in a snippet.

Pokémon who are closer to trainers already Looping are more likely to start Looping earlier.

Baseline LoopEdit

The baseline Loop starts at the beginning of Volume 1. It is known to run through the Black and White chapter.

Loop HistoryEdit

  • Possibly due to the Crash, Vee, while male in Baseline, almost always Loops as a female.
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