Saphroneth is the online fanfiction writer who is credited with codifying the Infinite Loops as they are today. This has allowed for multiple writers to post their work within the same continuity, secure in the knowledge that certain rules will remain upheld.

Saphroneth LoopsEdit

Saphroneth is the primary and original author of multiple Time Loops, such as the How To Train Your Dragon Loops, but if there is one Loop series that Saphroneth is best known for heading up it is the one for which the Infinite Loops as a whole are best known for: the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Loops.

Saphroneth Style LoopsEdit

Almost every major Loop series written after the MLP Loops became well known are written in what is known as Saphroneth Style. This means that there is a self-consistent, though not necessarily linear timeline of events. (In other words, a Loop might eventually be written to explain a vague reference given in an earlier Loop-- though if this does occur it will not reference something that happened after the Loop is supposed to take place.) The content of any published Loop will remain in Safe For Work, territory; though there may be references to incidents that are in Not Safe For Work territory as long as those are relegated to vague references.