Young Simon
Universe Gurren Laggan
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Piloting

Spiral Power Willpower Drilling expertise

In Yggdrasil, doing the impossible is said to be very dangerous. If so, than no anchor lives the danger more than Simon the Digger. 

Appearance Edit

Simon is a dark haired youth, generally seen with goggles and a drill pendant. He varies in age from a short 14 year old to a rather tall 21 year old. 


The anchor of his reality, Simon is the adopted brother of Kamina and a resistance fighter against the Spiral King, and later fought the Anti-Spiral in a mighty conflict. However, like many, he found himself trapped in the loops. 

At one point, Simon nearly had his data corrupted by an unintended trip into the quarantined Uzumaki World. Simon is said to be one of the only loopers to suffer such near deletion, which would have led to a second Crash. 


Piloting: Simon is the pilot of the powerful Mech Gurren Laggan, a robot able to use entire galaxies as weapons. 

Spiral Powers; Simon possesses Spiral Powers. With this power, Simon is able to alter reality by sheer force of will and generate incredible amounts of energy from the power of evolution. 

Weapon Transformation: Due to loops in the Soul Eater Verse, Simon is able to transform himself into a weapon Kamina can wield. In his case, it is a one handed drill.

Pokemon Training: In one loop, Simon replaced the Gym Leader Clay and had defeated Trip offscreen, suggesting skills in the field of Pokemon battling. His only known Pokemon is a Excadrill, named Lagann. 

Geass Immunity: At some point, Simon had been affected by a Geass, thus making him immune to further Geassing in the loops.

Ki Powers: Simon is able to use Dragon Ball Ki attacks such as the Kamehameha, with and without spiral power.

Subspace Pocket: Simon retains a subspace pocket, as do most loopers. His is large enough to store at least a dozen spiral battle ships and several copies of the various Gunmen, including Gurren Laggan. He also has a Death Star stored inside it


Kamina: A looper from Simon's branch and his blood brother, the two have fought through thick and thin for loop after loop. Simon and Kamina complement each other, though Simon can only control Kamina's impulses oh so much.