Peter Parker/ Spider-Man
Universe Marvel_Universe
Status Anchor
Special Abilities Spider powers

Genius Snark Willpower

Peter Parker, the Amazing/Spectacular/Friendly Neighborhood /Ultimate Spider-Man, is a looper from the Marvel Universe and its anchor. 


Peter Parker generally appears to most of his interesting looping activities in a red and blue spandex suit to hide his identity from a dangerous world. When out of suit, Peter is a brown haired young man generally in his late teens or early 20's.


In his baseline, Peter had been bitten by a radioactive spider. Originally abusing his powers, this led to the events that caused the death of his beloved Uncle Ben. Upon discovering this, Peter made a promise to follow his uncle's creedo of 'great power comes great responsibility' to protect everyone he can with his powers. This promise endured even upon the start of the Infinite Loops


Baseline Powers: Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter has many spider like powers. He can lift 10X+ his own weight, can stick to walls and has senses on par, if not surpassing, the force when it comes to sensing danger. 

Intelligence: Peter is a teen genius, able to design much of his own gear, including his web shooters. 

Willpower: An understated power, but Peter possesses one of the greatests will in the Marvel Universe.

Subspace Pocket: Like all loopers, Peter posseses a Subspace Pocket. He calls it his personal web space 

Dueling Skills: In one loop, Spiderman become a turbo duelist using his webbing in leu of a turbo runner. He was described as the Dueling Champion of New York City and was invited to duel Jack Atlas , suggesting skill in this field. 

Magic: Peter has been shown attending Hogwarts, suggesting he has magical abilities. 


Marvel Loopers and Anchors: Peter is a close ally to many of Marvel's other loopers, who respect him after years of Peter being seen as unnerving or annoying by many of them. 

Non Looping Marvel Heroes: Like their non looping counterparts, most trust Peter

Villainous Non loopers: Non looping villains, such as Venom and the Green Goblin, do not get along with Peter. His sense of justice means he generally has to beat them to a pulp, or annoy them as in the case of Umbridge.