The single most ubiquitous technique in the Infinite Loops due to its endless usefulness. The subspace pocket is how loopers are able to keep things past the end of a Loop iteration that are not soulbound to them in some way.

The original, and most widely used, version was adapted by Ranma Saotome from the hidden weapons technique of one of his Unawake rivals. However, this does not preclude other loopers from possessing a similar technique native to their reality.

Types of Subspace StorageEdit

  • Hidden Weapons Technique - The most widely used version, and the one most experienced loopers will teach newer loopers when they meet in fused Loops. This involves folding space with some form of ki, chakra, or magic.
  • Hammerspace - The version normally used by 'toon' loopers. It can actually produce items, like mallets, that weren't necessarily placed in it first. These tend to run on Rule of Funny though, making reliable access to most loopers tricky.
  • Inventory - Some characters from universes that run on 'video game physics' have 'natural' subspace pockets that can store items. Though for some unexplained reason there often tends to be some arbitrary limit on how many of any one thing they can carry.
    • Subspace Inventory: Unfortunately, just because The World is a video game does not mean it is set up to carry things over between Loops, leading Tsukasa to creating a new system that combined the normal inventory system with the Hidden Weapons Technique.
  • Zorth-Storage Access Device - Or whatever the inventor wants to call it. It is possible to produce and access a subspace pocket solely with technology. The biggest issue is somehow making an access device that can store itself in the pocket and then eject when the next Loop starts.