The Grand Computer Yggdrasil is a multi-dimensional device that underlies all of creation. Each universe is a "branch" on Yggdrasil, and each of these branches is formed into its own Loop.

Universe PagesEdit

On the universe page, you will find information about the Anchor and Loopers from that universe, along with additional information about the universe such as when it started Looping, and anything of particular interest to the Loops. It will also mention who the Admin is that is overseeing it within Yggdrasil.


Please note, this wiki focuses primarily on the canon established with in the Spacebattles community, so the universes listed there will be considered the primary universes. Other versions might be added if they prove popular enough, but they will listed as alternate universes.

Also, these pages are not meant to give a coprehensive introduction to the universe in question, though links should be provided to additional material.

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